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Southgate Investments Limited was established in Zambia in 1992, with our South African sister company Asma Africa Carriers established in 2008.

With vast experience gained in cross-border operations by the Directors, it was a natural progression to provide a leading personal service to clients with the focus of operating with a reliable fleet of new trucks, thus capturing or retaining a share of the market.

Being in the international road haulage sector, we provide clearing and transport services from the port of Durban to any destination in Zambia.


We are an SQAS accredited company.

Our business strategy is to offer the best service to our clients in the most cost effective manner, with on time delivery as our fundamental business principal.  Our critical success factor is achieved through the great emphasis on turn around times of our trucks and we successfully maintain our time schedule despite difficult en-route conditions or ferry breakdowns.
We firmly believe in offering a very specialized service to a list of selected yet esteemed clients and consistently ensure that we exceed our clients requirements and expectations.
Our Directors and Management Team are available 24/7 to service our pool of clients and are hence available to remedy any problems experienced.
Our vision is to serve as the best Cross-Border operator by implementing strategic alliances, and operating with the latest equipment and technology driven solutions as well as maintaining a professional management approach.  

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